Grilling Safety Tips:

Now that summer is here and we’re spending more time outdoors at home, grills are firing up in backyards wherever you live. Here are a couple safety tips to protect your home, and yourself, when using a grill.

  1. Never leave a lit grill unattended. Flare-ups are common and can happen in an instant. Small children and pets can obviously be seriously burned if they get too close to a grill.
  2. Be sure to have plenty of space between the grill and your home or other structures. The heat from a grill can literally melt your home’s siding, or worse, start a fire.
  3. When not attending to the grill, keep the lid closed. This helps to control and contain the flames.
  4. Clean your grill often, especially the grates. An accumulation of grease or other debris can spark fires on the grilling surface itself.

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