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As many of you have likely heard, the insurance industry has fully entered what we call a “hard market.” A VERY hard market, in fact. What’s this mean? Candidly, it means the industry is trying desperately to play “catch up” to rising loss costs, tremendous increases in claims expenses and rapidly-rising inflation after years of unprecedented premium stability. Underwriting is getting much tighter, especially in auto and home insurance. The appetite for new business has become smaller with many carriers.

Rates are going up, on average, 20% or more for even the “cleanest” accounts with most carriers. This is not just a Wisconsin thing. In fact, much of what the industry is facing is countrywide in scope. Wildfires on the West Coast, hail and flooding in the plains and Midwest, catastrophic weather patterns on the East Coast. No corner of the country is immune to these exposures and, unfortunately, we, as consumers, are burdened with the increased costs.

What can you do? Drive carefully (duh…), ensure your home is protected from potential loss (Sump pump running well? Pipes updated? Roof need replacing?, etc…). Don’t file small claims if you don’t need to. A couple years ago it likely didn’t matter if you filed a couple towing or glass claims here and there. Now, those very small losses have become a more significant rating variable that may end up increasing your auto premiums. Even one small home claim can impact your eligibility with many companies. More than ever, think of your insurance not as a maintenance policy, but rather a safeguard against losses you can’t financially take on yourself. The “big ones,” if you will.

Consider a renewal review with your Keener Insurance Solutions agent to verify your policy continues to meet your insurance needs. We’re happy to validate that you’re receiving every discount you’re entitled to with your carrier. Some carriers offer substantial premium savings with higher deductibles. Whatever you do, please do NOT sacrifice your coverage to save a few bucks. And, most importantly, don’t panic! Your trusted professionals at KIS have your back and are ready to help you navigate through this hard market.

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